For those who want to know how to run properly to build muscle

Apr 15, 2021 by Adam Addison
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If a person has been running long enough, they can make adjustments to their training. Running exercises will help you to engage all muscle groups, thereby bringing more benefits from your exercise.

However, switching from an old regimen to a new one is not easy. This requires certain knowledge and willpower. Usually in running athletics, just running is called general running exercises (GTE), but performing special exercises at the same time – special running exercises (SBU).

Where to start?

These are the tips for practicing new exercises in running are given to beginners:

  1. Each exercise is worked out separately, that is, you need to start with one and bring it to perfection, then move on to the next. This skill should be practiced at least three times a week.
  2. Initially, it is best to practice with light recovery workouts.
  3. You should immediately be prepared for the fact that fatigue will come much faster than usual running, since those muscle groups are involved that were not previously involved in running.
  4. You should not practice every skill to perfection. Your task is to improve the first exercise, after which you can move on to the next, as you train, you will still return to each of them, that is, everything alternates in a circle. Regular repetition of exercises will still do the trick.

What muscles can be pumped up by running

Running is a great workout for strengthening the cardiovascular system. Also, with the help of running for short distances, which are carried out at a certain distance at different speeds, you can strengthen and work all the muscles of the legs, and besides them, the muscles of the press. A short, low-speed run can be used as a warm-up before any hard workout.

With proper load balancing, such a sport will only benefit . For example, it can be an alternative to a set of exercises for the legs, and on one of the warm days, jogging can be replaced by going to the gym. Plus, running will help keep fit and heart healthy as you age. A morning jog will be an excellent assistant in losing extra pounds, and an evening jog will make the body more resilient.


For all exercises to bring positive results, you need to develop your own technique for their execution . First, you need to learn how to properly combine stress and rest, since it is during the recovery period that progress in physical form is observed. It is advisable to follow these simple recommendations:

  1. Alternation of GFR (general physical fitness) and jogging.
  2. Rest and recovery days must be included in the running mode.
  3. Warm-up and stretching exercises must be present before all workouts.

Otherwise, the body simply cannot withstand excessive training, and a person from such fatigue and muscle pain will lose sports interest . Therefore, the main rule in an integrated approach to running is gradualness.

Упражнения для бега

How to pump up your butt on a treadmill

The treadmill is undoubtedly superior to trailcross in terms of training safety, as you can change the incline and speed. By the way, about a straight posture: it is much easier to keep it when the angle of inclination of the running plane is constant, and does not change at every step. You do not run the risk of twisting your leg, falling into a hole or tripping over a stone. A sudden gust of wind will not choke your breath, and you will not be caught jogging by an unexpected downpour. Training can be done at any time of the year. And most importantly, it is much easier than in the field, without a break after a run, to start the final part of the workout, which ensures the build-up of muscle mass in the buttocks. These additional exercises are described in the previous section. And also, using the treadmill, you can get practical recommendations from the trainer at every stage. Immediately after training, go to the shower, sauna or SPA-salon, and then visit the massage room. And all this in one place.

It is especially easy to arrange all this if you live in the south-east of Moscow, in Zyablikovo. It is enough to get to the Shipilovskaya metro station, and from there – a seven-minute walk, and you are there. Walking at a moderate pace is very helpful as a warm-up before jogging. Come, qualified trainers, a friendly atmosphere, quite reasonable prices and a lot of new opportunities for body modeling are waiting for you at the fitness club in Zyablikovo.

A set of exercises

Below will be considered the most famous exercises for running .

Jumping exercises

These jumping exercises are important for running, as they build up the muscles of the legs, make them more elastic, flexible and resilient.

You can perform jumping exercises in different ways, here are just some of the options:

  • jumping rope;
  • jumping over a barrier on two legs;
  • splitting;
  • jumping from one leg to another;
  • jumping as high as possible;
  • standing and running jumps;
  • jumping onto a support, etc. .

By strengthening muscle tissue, such jumping exercises while running can increase the speed of sprinters, contribute to the endurance of middle-aged and long-distance athletes.


Strength training should be started gradually and under supervision trainer, especially if a person does them without physical training.

Here are some strength exercises for running:

Упражнения для бега

  1. Plank – this exercise builds up a specific muscle group. In addition to the muscles of the body and shoulders, you can pump up the lateral abdominal muscles.
  2. Russian twist or torso turns. In this case, many muscle systems are affected: abs, obliques, lower back and hamstrings.
  3. Lunge squat with arms raised. In this case, the leg and hip systems are involved. Weighted squats can be done as the exercise improves.
  4. Air squats. In general, squat exercises for runners should be mandatory.
  5. Deadlift using one leg. In addition to strengthening the thigh and calf muscles, this exercise helps to develop balance and stability.

Speed ​​

To increase your running speed, you can include the following exercises on your strength day:

  1. Semi-squat jumps. You need to try to make the jump as high as possible in this position. Do 10 repetitions.
  2. Jumping from a lunge, changing legs in the air. Do 10 approaches.
  3. Jumping over obstacles. For this, objects (about 10 pieces) of the same height are placed on the treadmill, at a distance of 60 cm from each other, in a checkerboard pattern. The runner’s task is to jump over an obstacle, not run around it.
  4. Jumping on one leg. You need to jump as high as possible, while staying a little in the air, and so on 10 times on each leg.
  5. Jogging, when running with stretching steps, the height of the bounces is also taken into account.

Упражнения для бега


Wanting to develop endurance running, everyone pursues their own goals: who some want to run a marathon, improve their performance, others want to run longer for their health. However, when doing endurance running exercises, remember that this is primarily a stress on the heart and respiratory system . Therefore, a person must be sure that everything is in order with these organs and systems.

To develop endurance while running, it is recommended to do the following exercises:

  1. Interval running. This is an alternation of running intensity: with a transition to a fast step, with time differences between kilometers (that is, every kilometer the intensity of running increases) and step segments, when running acceleration and rest change.
  2. Running with the use of weights. This type of workout is suitable for experienced runners looking to increase their endurance. In this case, using weights, you can run integral distances or interval jogging. Often this method is not used, as there is a threat of injury to the ankle joint.
  3. Nonspecific exercises. They are not directly aimed at running endurance. These are general body endurance exercises. This includes swimming, skiing, cycling, exercise in the gym. Stretching workouts such as fitness, stretching, where the emphasis is on flexibility and stretching, and crossfit, a sport that improves overall physical fitness, will also be helpful.

Anatomy of running

It is much more difficult for women to “pump up” the body than for men. Even squatting with a barbell is extremely difficult to “swing”. This is due to the fact that hormones are responsible for the growth of muscle mass. And among the fair sex, the amount of testosterone is not enough to form muscle volumes.

Running helps to thicken the body by increasing muscle mass and lowering body fat. Therefore, do not be alarmed if you suddenly gain a couple of kilograms. The main thing is volumes. With regular jogging, the whole body “dries”.

During running, the main load falls on the muscles of the legs and core. The arms, neck and shoulders are slightly less involved.

What can be pumped while running? On the front of the thighs, quads, biceps on the back, gluteal and calf. As well as the muscles responsible for the work of the feet: the posterior and anterior tibials, the extensors and flexors of the toes.

When the arms are used while running, the latissimus dorsi muscle, intercostal muscles, responsible for lifting the chest during breathing, are activated. The press works as a stabilizer. The biceps and triceps receive the least active load.

When training long distances, the muscles become more enduring, but their mass is lost. If you need to pump up muscles, then training should be sprint, “explosive”. Or start running in weights.

How to end?

Experts advise to start and end a workout the same way, using jogging for 10-15 minutes. In this case, the pulse should be no higher than 145 beats / min.

Be sure to complete after intense workouts for running, in addition to jogging, stretching exercises. This will speed up the recovery process and get rid of excess muscle pain.

What muscles are involved when running

Running is a source of vigor, health, stamina and grace. Running from physical inactivity is especially relevant for a city dweller who sits in the office all day. Running is a reliable method of heart attack prevention – it’s a great cardio workout. And no special equipment is needed for a simple run. An exception is the treadmill trainer if this choice is preferable to training on the ground. Almost all muscles are involved in the process of running.

The muscles of the legs and buttocks are most stressed when running, but others are no less important:

  • quadriceps (quadriceps femoris) – extends the leg at the knee, is involved in bending the pelvis forward, as well as in bending the leg;
  • biceps (biceps femoris) – bends the leg at the knee, helps the gluteus maximus muscle to unbend the body;
  • gluteal muscles – participate in abducting the leg back and in straightening the body;
  • iliopsoas muscle – takes part in hip flexion, contributes to the tilt of the pelvis back, performs the stabilizing function of the trunk;
  • calf muscle – stabilizes the position of the foot when running and walking, flexes and unbends the ankle joint, without it, lifting on the toe, bending the leg at the knee, keeping the body in balance is impossible;
  • intercostal muscles – involved in intensive breathing;
  • heart muscle – distills blood; a well-trained heart muscle is a great addition to a beautiful butt.

So, running strengthens many muscles well. But, limiting yourself to a regular run, you will not be able to build up muscle mass in the buttocks.

Useful tips

Any physical activity is good for the body and the male sphere. The situation changes somewhat when training begins to be accompanied by taking medications. Anabolic drugs can be dangerous to the body, especially after the completion of the course. Some people use the female lactation drug Bergolac as a way to gain muscle mass.

It has a positive effect on the body if a man needs to stop the synthesis of prolactin, and such situations occur. The production of female hormones is harmful to potency, so it is really worth taking care of it. However, this rarely happens. In other cases, exposure to hormones through drugs is more likely to harm than benefit.