How fragile girls pulled themselves up and lifted the barbell? Crossfit competition

Apr 3, 2021 by Adam Addison
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Why do girls need it

The main question when performing exercises for beginners is: why do girls need deadlifts. Fitness instructors and professional athletes respond that the technique helps to work out the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, inner and back thighs, eliminate cellulite and lose weight. Deadlift refers to energy-intensive exercises, develops abdominal muscles, core muscles, and narrows the waist. The execution promotes the splitting of fat deposits, strengthening the lower back, the formation of a beautiful posture.

For the legs

Deadlifts for the legs are especially useful, because it strengthens the inner thighs, biceps. Different exercise techniques promote the development of stretching, surpassing this effect of alternative exercises on the block trainer. When doing deadlifts with straight legs, you will get the most effective biceps development effect, surpassing even curls on a block trainer.

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For the buttocks

Deadlift for the girl’s buttocks contributes to muscle development. The technique of classical or sumo is considered especially effective. Deadlift is an anaerobic exercise, so it can build up the load by increasing muscle work throughout the body. Compared to the cardio exercises that women love (aerobics, jogging), this gives an instant and long-lasting weight loss result.

For the back

Deadlift for the back is very useful, during which the latissimus muscles, extensors, and lower back work. As a result, the back is strengthened, the spine is straightened, the posture becomes beautiful and even. Constant engagement in this exercise gives the girls a beautifully detailed relief, removes fat rolls, tightens the figure as a whole.

Which muscles are involved

When familiarizing yourself with the exercise, you need to find out which muscles work during deadlift. It engages ¾ of the entire lean body mass, including the back extensors, lats, abs, forearms, glutes, traps, biceps, quadriceps, and biceps thighs. Performing deadlift, the girl does eight exercises simultaneously:

  • leg press;
  • leg curl;
  • back extension;
  • twisting, useful for the abdominal muscles;
  • lifting on toes;
  • wrist flexion;
  • shrugs – pumping up the neck, upper back;
  • Deadlift with straight arms.

According to the technique, the deadlift for women is divided into classical, Romanian, sumo and with dumbbells. The type of technique used depends on the anatomical features of the body and the individuality of the athlete. It is better to turn to a trainer who will tell you not only the correct execution technology, but also recommend the required type. Sumo technique is chosen by girls with long legs and high stature, with a large stretch. Everyone else will do the classic version, which can be varied with dumbbells at home.