NOW Amino Complete

The best amino acids (isolated):

These amino acids are most important in building muscle. Each of them has a number of proven positive effects.

BCAA – anti-catabolic effect, activation of anabolic processes, protection and nutrition of muscles. They have a solid evidence base.

Arginine-improving muscle nutrition, nutrient transport, pumping. The effectiveness is in doubt.

Glutamine-nutrition and muscle recovery, anti-catabolic effect. The effectiveness is in doubt.

L-carnitine is one of the most popular fat burners, which is absolutely safe for health, but the effect is negligible.

Beta-Alanine is a muscle antioxidant and reducing agent

Citrulline is an energy restorer after training, prevents overtraining, improves muscle nutrition.

Amino Energy (Optimum Nutrition)

The best Amino Acid complexes

Almost all amino acids from Ultimate Nutrition are leading in the optimal price/quality category. This company produces good-quality and fairly inexpensive amino acid complexes that are known all over the world. Ultimate Nutrition Amino Acids contain only whey protein hydrolysate, and at the same time prices remain affordable.

Superior Amino 2222 from Optimum Nutrition is a good line of amino acids. The encapsulated forms contain hydrolyzed whey protein. The tablet mixture contains both whey protein concentrate and hydrolyzed whey protein, but it is also cheaper due to a higher concentration of amino acids per tablet.
Perfomance amino acid complexes are rarely found on the Russian market, but they have already proven themselves perfectly. Amino acids from Perfomance are distinguished by an extremely high concentration and excellent quality. The price category is above average.
Power Shock from VPX is an amino acid complex that is popular in the West, but not very common in Russia.
Super Amino 4800 from Dymatize-the manufacturer has finally corrected its mistake and eliminated the blue dye from its products. However, the quality remained the same. Amino acids from Dymatize is an “economy” option that loses to alternative options from Ultimate Nutrition in many ways.

Amino Magic Fuel (Maxler)