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Effective exercises for drying the body.

A spectacular body relief is impossible without proper exercise and diet. Drying is a process during which a person gets rid of subcutaneous fat. If everything is done correctly, the body becomes beautiful and relief. Effective drying can be carried …

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Basic Back Exercises

Bench Press

The bench press is probably the most common exercise in all gyms. This exercise cannot be called isolated; the triceps and shoulders work here no less than the pectoral muscles. The static load falls on the extensors of …

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Body fat percentage: how to find out, photo examples

Previously, the Human Body Mass Index was used to determine overall health. Today, body fat percentage is tracked for this purpose.

There are many articles on this topic that include determining this indicator using tables, formulas or other methods. This

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Types of muscle fibers

A person has oxidative ( slow ) and glycolytic ( fast ) muscle fibers. The former have a red color, which is due to the high content of oxygen molecules in them. The latter are white, since they use anaerobic