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The best vitamins for athletes

Athletes need carbohydrates, which nourish muscles, and amino acids, proteins, which help build muscle tissue. How important are vitamins and minerals to them? Are complexes for athletes different from preparations for ordinary people?

Vitamins are biochemical substances that are needed …

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Proper warm-up before strength training

Many athletes consider the issue of doing a proper warm-up before strength training so elementary that they do not consider it worthy of additional attention. In this article I would like to share my experience and take a detailed look …

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How to pick up sports nutrition

Obviously, the choice of a particular sports supplement depends on the purpose of use. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, recover faster or increase your strength. In the previous chapter you can find a list of different …


Breathing in sports and its importance

Experienced athletes know that correct breathing during training plays a big role: the effectiveness of the exercise increases, and fatigue at the end is only pleasing.

That’s why time is always given to breathing technique – these rules should be …


Variants of the correct diet for bodybuilding

There are two categories of people in the gym: those who come to lose weight and those who come to gain weight. For good muscle definition it is not enough to get rid of excess weight, you need to build …


Effective exercises for drying the body.

A spectacular body relief is impossible without proper exercise and diet. Drying is a process during which a person gets rid of subcutaneous fat. If everything is done correctly, the body becomes beautiful and relief. Effective drying can be carried …

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5 benefits of training on gymnastic rings

It’s time to wake up the gymnast who is sleeping in each of us. Ring training builds strength and muscle, strengthens joints and helps you get in shape quickly!

Gymnastic rings are those sports equipment to which the phrase “harder

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Nordic walking is the path to health

The successful use of Nordic walking in physiotherapy exercises is clear evidence of the effectiveness of such exercises. If initially a person with ski sticks attracted the attention of passers-by, today this no longer surprises anyone.

The very name of

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The spectrum of Omega-3 effects

Omega-3s have a wide range of positive effects that are of key importance in bodybuilding.

An increase in the metabolic rate.

Accelerate the growth of dry muscle mass and reduce the fat layer. They can be used both for weight …