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Previously, the Human Body Mass Index was used to determine overall health. Today, body fat percentage is tracked for this purpose.

There are many articles on this topic that include determining this indicator using tables, formulas or other methods. This article discusses the main ideas of these articles, and the result is presented in pictures for a visual representation of the state of the male and female body, depending on this indicator.

What is body fat percentage?

There are a few terms and concepts to understand to understand what this material is about.

How is this percentage calculated? The amount of fat in kilograms is divided by the body weight and then converted to a percentage. For example, with a total weight of 80kg for a man and 13kg of fat, the percentage of fat will be 16.

Fat distribution

Each has its own characteristics of the body and organism, including the distribution of body fat. So, some women have a small amount of fat on their stomachs, and excess fat in the triceps and thighs. For others, the opposite is true. As for men, in most cases, fat deposits are mainly observed in the abdomen. The pictures clearly show in which parts the fat is most often deposited in females and males.

Features of the figure

They are also different for everyone, so people with the same percentage of fat will look different outwardly. As an example, we can cite models and athletes in whom this indicator is absolutely the same, and the differences are visible with the naked eye.


The pictures show people in the 25-35 age group. It should be noted that the older a person gets, the more fat is contained in his body . For example, men aged 20 and 50 have the same percentage of body fat, but in the first (young) it will be 15%, and in the second – 20%. This is due to the property of fat to increase with age around the organs and in the muscles.

Muscle grooves

In the process of pumping up the body, a relief is formed , the muscles become more visible and resemble grooves in appearance. It is also important to have an idea of ​​what vascularity is. As the percentage of body fat decreases, veins appear – this is the meaning of the term.

Fat percentage: male body

Содержание жира в процентном выражении: мужское тело


This percentage of fat is typical for bodybuilders in preparation for sports competitions. In this case, increased vascularity is observed – veins are visible on almost every muscle. Even the muscles in the buttocks have small gaps, and the absence of these indicates a very low fat content. The norm for men is about 2% fat. This amount is necessary for the body to function normally, since fat protects the organs in the abdominal cavity and thoracic region.


This indicator is not as categorical as the previous one, but it is still not normal for the majority of representatives of a strong field. The fact is that this is reflected in the appearance, for example, the face looks emaciated, which causes anxiety among the people around. This percentage of fat is typical for most models, they have clearly distinguished muscles, there is a bright vascularity, including the muscles of the limbs, abdomen. When the abdominal muscles are clearly visible, the muscles are clearly separated – this indicates a low fat content.


This is the normal level for a man. Of course, the abdominal muscles are not as clearly visible as in the previous case, but the abdominal muscles are clearly visible. This is exactly the state and shape of the body that most men strive for. He is also considered attractive to the fair sex. This percentage of body fat is characterized by grooves only on the arms and shoulders, not on every muscle.


This level corresponds to men with a fit and slender figure. The contours of the muscles are clearly visible, but there is no visible separation between them. As a rule, the grooves are covered with a small amount of fat. However, this does not negatively affect the shape of the body – the figure is beautiful, despite the fact that there is no obvious muscle accent.


This level of fat content is characterized by not very clear release of muscles and blood vessels. In most cases, men have a small tummy. For example, the male population of New York City generally has a fat content in the 20-25% range. But in other places, this figure may differ. As a rule, a man with a height of 180cm and a body weight of 81kg has a body fat content of about 20% fat.


In this case, there is a significant increase in waist volume, muscles and blood vessels are practically not visible. With a man’s height 180cm, his minimum waist can reach 91cm. Also, this percentage of fat content is characterized by a slight increase in neck volume, small fat folds. But all this is perfectly hidden by clothes. Men who have a higher fat content than indicated in this paragraph face the problem of obesity. Abdominal obesity is recognized if the waist exceeds 101 cm.


This indicator is characterized by the spread of fat throughout the body, including the formation of fatty deposits in the waist, hips, back, and calves. Visually, the waist looks larger than the hips, the muscles are not visible at all, the stomach sags.


When body weight is constantly increasing, it grows and the amount of fat, more of which accumulates in the abdomen. At this level, an even more sagging belly is observed, the waist as such completely disappears (its volume can exceed 101 cm). This belly is called “beer”.


As in the previous case, fat deposits are concentrated in the waist and abdomen. The waist can exceed 145cm. With this indicator, a person is faced with a number of problems of movement, especially on the stairs. It is difficult to bend over. These are the first signals of obesity!

Fat percentage: female body

Содержание жира в процентном выражении: женское тело


The minimum level that can only be observed in women who are involved in bodybuilding. Vessels and muscle grooves are clearly visible. For the normal functioning of the body, a fat content of 8-10% is permissible. What is the reason for this difference compared to the minimum indicator for men (2%)? This is due to the high fat content in the area around the uterus and mammary glands, so there is no need to strive for a male indicator, since this poses a health hazard to the fair sex. The girl in the photo probably has an upper specified limit, since the vessels are poorly visible.


Corresponds to the second level of fat in males. This indicator is typical for the bulk of models advertising lingerie. Moreover, most of them may face problems associated with impaired functionality of the body. The muscles of the limbs, shoulders, and the press are clearly visible. Due to the low fat content, the shape of the thighs and buttocks is not pronounced.


In the body of most athletes exactly this percentage of fat. A small amount of fat is observed on the limbs, the abdominal muscles are clearly visible. The minimum level of muscle separation among themselves.


Typical for most of the fair sex. Such a woman cannot be called too thin, but not fat either. A small layer of fat is present on the buttocks, the bend of the hips is clearly visible. This level is typical, for example, at 163cm height and 59kg body weight.


Unlike men, of which the accumulation of fat is observed mainly in the abdomen, in the bulk of women it is deposited in the buttocks and thighs. The latter are pronounced with a rounded shape. 30% fat is the upper limit for the average woman.


Increased hips even more, with a rounded neck and face. The volume of the hips can exceed 100cm, the waist – 80cm. Belly begins to sag.


Hip circumference may exceed 106cm, waist – 90cm, hips – 63cm.


This level is characterized by the appearance of noticeable folds, the skin condition worsens. The hip circumference can exceed 115cm, the waist – 90cm. The shoulders look noticeably narrower than the hips.


The hips become even larger, noticeably exceeding the width of the shoulders. Skin condition worsens, fat is clearly visible. The hip circumference can exceed 115cm, the waist – 101cm. Example: if a woman is 163cm tall and weighs 90cm, half of them are muscle mass, the remaining 50% is fat.