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To answer this question, the experts analyzed the entire range of proteins presented on the sports nutrition market and tried to make an objective rating of proteins, which includes all the main criteria.

“Attention” This category has the maximum anabolic effect and is best suited for gaining muscle mass and creating relief, although it can also be used during weight loss to preserve muscles.


100% Whey Gold Standard-a mixture of isolates and concentrates. The imported product. There is an overestimation of prices due to the high popularity of this product.
ProStar Whey Protein from Ultimate Nutrition-the ratio of whey fractions in high concentration and at the same time has a good taste
Combat (MusclePharm) – similar to the previous two
Mutant Whey – an economical option

ISO-100 (Dymatize)


ISO-100 from Dymatize is a high-quality isolate with a high rate of assimilation, with a good taste.
Nectar (Syntrax) is a good isolate at a relatively low cost.
Iso Sensation from Ultimate Nutrition is a variant similar to the previous one.
“Attention”When choosing a protein, it is worth noting that some manufacturers specifically add extra (replaceable) amino acids, such as taurine, glycine, glutamine and creatine to protein powder, while indicating these amino acids as “food protein” on the package. Due to the inaccurate and ill-conceived definition of “protein” by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), amino acid spiking is absolutely legal.

The best complex Proteins

Syntha-6 from BSN-many people recommend it, but in fact it is not a protein at all. The ratio of proteins to carbohydrates gives us the right to call it a GAINER, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. If you want to overpay for carbohydrates and, admittedly, very bad taste, it’s up to you, BUT if you want to buy protein, then this product should not be considered. As an alternative, complex protein mixtures Syntha-6 Isolate and Syntha-6 Edge have been released.
Matrix from Syntrax is an excellent price/quality ratio, an affordable and effective complex protein.
Protein 80 Plus from Weider is a good choice, at an affordable price.
Opti-Fit Lean Protein (Optimum Nutrition) is a good complex protein in terms of taste and organoleptic properties, but the high price moves it to the last place.
Problend (Maxler) is one of the cheap complex proteins.
Note: Syntha-6 contains carbohydrates and fats in quite large quantities, which often causes concern. However, carbohydrates are mainly represented by cellulose gum and polydextrose, which is added to regulate protein absorption and improve the properties of the product, it is not absorbed by the body by itself. There is a minimum amount of simple sugars. Fats are represented by polyunsaturated oil and medium-chain triglycerides, which have been proven to promote fat burning. They are also called healthy fats.