A strong back and a prominent chest make the body not only beautiful, but also physically attractive. Types and sets of exercises

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5 benefits of training on gymnastic rings

It’s time to wake up the gymnast who is sleeping in each of us. Ring training builds strength and muscle, strengthens joints and helps you get in shape quickly!

Gymnastic rings are those sports equipment to which the phrase “harder

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How to breathe correctly during push-ups?

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Exercise: Children and Pregnant Women

While getting the right exercise is important for everyone, this is especially critical for children and pregnant women. A young, not yet formed body is significantly influenced by external factors, and the lack of understanding what kind of load to …

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Hatfield (Hatfield) Safe Bar Squat Analysis

Strength disciplines – bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting – are based on basic exercises, one of which is squatting with a barbell. The use of this element in training programs allows athletes to increase muscle mass and develop strength indicators.

The classic

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