Let Duet dlya pohudenia

Manufacturer’s description

As a result of the use of cryogenic technologies in this product, the processes of muscle growth are accelerated. Anabolic components make your muscles grow. They shorten the process of catabolism and cause the muscles to increase. The most successful formula in building your body is ANABOLIC HALO! After taking the product for a few seconds, you will feel a strong chilling tremor in your mouth, as if you have swallowed ice. At this point, the main components of this supplement enter the bloodstream and begin to work.

Advantages of the Anabolic HALO from MuscleTech

1) cryogenetic thermomolecular technology, increases the effect of conventional anabolic substances by lowering the temperature.
2) freeze drying, changes the state of the usual dose of the anti-catabolic complex in the ANABOLIC HALO. Lyophilic drying causes the molecules to pass from a solid state to a gaseous state.
3) anabolic crystallographic (cryogenic) technology. With its help, liquid nitrogen is purified, resulting in a molecular structure that has not been previously encountered in bodybuilding.

The components of Anabolic HALO MuscleTech “turn on” your body at full capacity and make the muscles increase in an amazing way! We assure you that you are making the right choice. Our product acts directly on the muscles, increasing them. The working composition is a chain of six elements that affect their growth, guaranteeing an impressive size of your muscles. The muscles will grow until you see a “mountain of muscles”in the mirror! It is difficult to build muscles without the use of anabolic drugs. The supplement will significantly speed up this process and turn your body into a mountain of muscles. Other supplements do not give similar results. Your transformation begins right now! Perhaps you are not ready for such a rapid construction of your body? ANABOLIC HALO acts instantly. Your muscles will stand out so much that it will be difficult not to notice them! Take our product and build a beautiful body! The result will be noticeable in 28 days!

What is contained in the ANABOLIC HALO?

A group of scientists and researchers included 75 well-studied components in this product, including cryo-anabolic molecules that affect the growth of muscle fibers. One serving contains 6 building elements necessary for muscle growth:

the use of testosterone
changes in ATF-4
changes in the level of insulin
slowing down catabolic processes
activation of cells.
All this leads to an increase in muscles.

What is cryogenic thermomolecular technology?

This is the latest technology used in bodybuilding. This technology seals the exact amount of a key component of the product, and then releases it together with liquid nitrogen at a very low temperature (-320 degrees Fahrenheit). As a result, a molecularly enhanced and cryogenetically altered component appears, which was not previously present in bodybuilding products.

How tested is the ANABOLIC HALO?

Numerous clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of ANABOLIC HALO and its ability to stimulate the growth of muscle mass.

At first, a group of scientists used the research of the University of Connecticut and came to the discovery of how to use active testosterone most effectively without negative consequences. A 21-day study showed that the building block of the drug ANABOLIC HALO significantly increased the number of non-functioning receptors compared to the placebo group.
In the next study, scientists observed a powerful anabolic component that greatly increased the number of cells in the muscle by more than 100 % in 28 days! The same component allowed to increase the muscles by 16.8 % in 16 weeks!
In other studies from the University of Texas Medical Center, scientists tested the change in ATF-4. ATF-4 was described as an anabolic component that plays a major role in the hormonal regulation of the anabolism process, using a combination of amino acids and proteins.