Is it possible to swing the chest and back. Chest-back workout in one day

Apr 7, 2021 by Adam Addison
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A strong back and prominent chest make the body not only beautiful, but also physically enduring. Although these areas are not as susceptible to fat accumulation as the buttocks, thighs and abdomen, they need to be worked out to strengthen the muscle tissue. The chest and back are antagonists. This means that working out one muscle group promotes blood flow to opposite muscles, which allows you to increase the productivity and efficiency of training.

Rules for training the back and pectoral muscles in the same day

Chest and back workout, organized on one day for several weeks, will allow you to build muscle at an accelerated pace, creating beautiful relief. To understand this effect, it is necessary to consider the features of the functioning of antagonist muscles, which include the “back-chest” groups.

When any muscle of the human body contracts, the antagonist is simultaneously stretched, in the process which the latter resists. This is manifested by the fact that the stretched antagonist interferes with the maximum working out of the trained muscle. This phenomenon is also observed in the pair of the muscle group “back-chest”. In view of this physiological feature, you need to do it within one day.

Workouts for the simultaneous development of the muscles of the chest and back necessarily include strength exercises, which require crossbars, barbells, dumbbells and sports benches. To achieve the desired result, you need to organize classes in a well-equipped fitness room.

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GCD for swimming “Slide on the chest, back with footwork like swimming crawl, with support “

GCD for swimming” Slide on the chest, back with footwork like in crawl swimming, with support ”

GCD theme ” Slide on the chest , back with crawl-like leg work , with support ”

Objectives: 1. To master exhalations into water in series.

2. Learn to glide on the surface of the water on chest and back .

3. Learn to crawl on the chest and on the back with the help of leg movements, with a board in hand.

Structure, duration: Introductory part, 5 minutes.

Location conduct: On land.


A set of exercises for warm-up: – walking on the outside (internal)

side of the foot, hands on the belt, 1 min.

– light jogging with high lifting of the thigh, 40 sec.

– exercise to restore breathing, 3-4 p.

– IP – feet at the width of the foot, circular movements of the arms forward, backward, 10 rubles.

– “Medusa” IP – lying on the back , arms extended upward, to the sides, legs apart … 1 – pull your knees to your stomachs. 2 – PI, 4-6 p.

– “Arrow”. IP – hands at the top, palms put one on top of the other, feet foot-width apart. 1 – rise on your toes, stretch up. 2- IP, 4 rubles.

– Jumping: IP – hands on the belt, jump the right leg forward, left – backward, change the position of the legs, 12-15 rubles.

– exercises to restore breathing, 3-4 rubles.

Contrast shower.

Main part, 15 min.

In the water:

Different types of walking:

– walking facing forward, backwards , 1 circle

– “Heron”, 1 circle

Various hand movements:

– one – forward, the other – backward, to the water surface, 1 circle

– slowly and quickly, 1 circle. Guidelines: monitor breathing and posture.

Exhales into the water, 8-10 p. Monitor your breathing.

Leg work like when crawling on the chest , with support , 3 sets of 5 times. Legs straight, swing legs from the hip, watch your breathing.

Swimming with a lightweight crawl while holding the breath , 4 min. Observe coordination of movements.

Backstroke crawl using leg work , with support, 4 min. Monitor breathing, legs straight, swing leg from the hip, torso in a horizontal position.

Game “Pike” 3-4 r.

Purpose: To teach children to dive boldly into the water, and also master immersion in water with your head.

Children walk or run along the bottom of the pool in an arbitrary direction, helping themselves with their hands, imitating fish. The Pike stands with its back , on the shore or in the corner of the pool. At the signal, the Pike is swimming! ” children stop and plunge into the water up to their heads. The pike ( leading)

closely monitors the task. The pike takes the fish that did the wrong job. The caught becomes a pike.

The game is repeated 3-4 times. Every time another pike swims behind the fish.

The driver should not turn to face the pool before the signal is given.

The driver is appointed by the tlt teacher himself can be the driver. When you repeat the game, 2-3 pikes can swim out at the same time for the fish.

Final part, 5 minutes.

-Exercise ” Float “, “Medusa”, 2 -3 p. Perform with breath holding.

Contrast shower.

The concept of supersets is an effective combination of exercises on different muscles

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Superset is an effective approach to strength training. The complex consists of exercises grouped in 2-3. They are performed without a break for rest.

There are 2 types of supersets in bodybuilding:

  • exercises are grouped to work out one part of the body, for example, the chest;
  • several different exercises are grouped in terms of technique and area of ​​effect.

The superset for the back and chest has the following advantages for the bodybuilder:

  1. The duration is shortened training without compromising its productivity.
  2. Training according to the superset program allows you to work with large loads, which makes it possible to intensively strengthen the muscle corset of the back and chest.
  3. A pumping effect is achieved: muscle tissue in During intense training without rest breaks, it is heavily pumped with blood, stretching its fibers. Due to this, the muscle tissue is qualitatively worked out, acquiring a noticeable relief. The pumping effect leads to the fact that the muscle volume increases by 5-10%.

The program described above is suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. The specifics of the development of the complex will depend on the level of physical fitness of the person.

Important! The complex of intensive back-chest workouts is intended for men. For women who are not professionally engaged in bodybuilding, supersets are not suitable due to intense strength loads. Also, excessive pumping of the muscles of the back and chest will lead to irregularities in the proportions of the female figure.

Why do men begin to sag their breasts?

Yes, men have breasts and even mammary glands. The vast majority of men develop breast tissue differently from women, due to high testosterone levels during puberty.
There are several diseases that can cause breast enlargement in men. One of these is gynecomastia, which can cause breast tissue to swell and even sore. This condition usually occurs when there is a problem with testosterone, which leads to an increase in estrogen in the body.

However, in most men, drooping breasts are the result of excess fat on their breasts. That is, your pectoral muscles are covered with a layer of fat from which we will tell you how to get rid of.

Effective training programs

The program for the simultaneous training of the back muscles and sternum implies a duration of 45 minutes. Before interacting with large loads, a preliminary warm-up is always necessary. The maximum pause between exercises from one set does not exceed 10 seconds.

In order to achieve the desired result, preventing the “plateau” effect and complications from the musculoskeletal system, it is recommended to organize supersets no more often 3 days a week. Strength training of increased intensity alternates every other day with normal sports activities in the gym or at home.

A list of classic exercises performed in pairs:

  • bench press combined with wide grip chin-ups;
  • power techniques with dumbbells in a prone position on the bench along with a barbell row in an incline;
  • push-ups on the bar along with narrow chin-ups gripping the bar;
  • “half-over” for working out the muscles of the chest.

The superset is suitable for advanced athletes, while for beginners it is optimal to train at a less intense pace.