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Evaluation criteria used to compile this rating:


Reviews on independent resources

The rating of fat burners has nothing to do with advertising products. “Attention” We warn you that many people react completely differently to sports nutrition, so there is a possibility that the “best fat burner” specifically for you will be absent from this list. This rating is a reflection of the overall picture, in other words, these are the best fat burners from the point of view of statistics for most people. If you doubt the reliability of the data, we recommend that you read the reviews on other resources, as well as independently study the components of the products.

Fat burners in sports nutrition

Lipo-6x from Nutrex is the best thermogenic according to the manufacturer, it combines the best qualities of lipotropic and thermogenic substances. In the description of the supplement, you can learn in detail about its advantages and disadvantages.
Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite (MuscleTech) is a thermogenic, with a pronounced stimulating effect, lifts the mood, has a long-lasting effect.
Tight Hardcore from SAN is another top-end thermogenic, characterized by a high level of quality and efficiency.
Black Spider 25 (Cloma Pharma) is based on the EKA complex.
Animal Cuts from Universal Nutrition is a complex fat burner created on the basis of powerful natural plant extracts.
BSN’s Cheaters Relief is the best carbohydrate blocker and fat blocker (discontinued).
L-carnitine-its effectiveness is not as high as that of thermogenics, but it is significant. Many people consider carnitine useless, but independent studies have shown that this amino acid provides fat burning on average 10-15% more compared to the placebo group. The erroneous opinion is due to the fact that its effect is almost impossible to feel, only the results can be evaluated. Carnitine gets into the rating of “the best fat burners”, mainly because it is absolutely safe and even useful for health, there are no contraindications to taking it. (not scientifically proven)
“Attention” For maximum effect, you can combine a thermogenic + calorie blocker + carnitine. It is also necessary to follow a diet for weight loss and perform weight loss workouts.

Individual components

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant
Methylhexanamine (geranamine) is a more powerful analog of caffeine
Synephrine is a stimulant with lipolytic properties

Chitosan is a fat blocker
Forskolin is a lipolytic with anabolic properties
These components have proven effectiveness, and as a rule are included in all the best fat burners. “Attention” Pay attention to the dosage.


The best pharmacological fat burners:

EKA (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin) is a mixture of stimulants, which until now remains one of the most effective means for eliminating fat
Clenbuterol is a beta-agonist, this drug has a unique property of suppressing catabolism and preserving muscles.
Thyroxine is a thyroid hormone, a powerful activator of metabolism.
Sibutramine (Meridia) – an appetite suppressant
Orlistat-fat blocker (reduces the absorption of fat from the digestive tract by blocking digestive enzymes)
Acarbose is a carbohydrate blocker (it has the same mechanism of action as the previous drug, it blocks digestive enzymes that digest carbohydrates).
“Attention” These pharmacological fat burners are the most powerful means in the fight against fat, significantly surpassing the effect of sports supplements.