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General recommendations

Many women confuse slimness with pathological thinness. A reliably established medical fact is the need for a certain amount of fat for the normal functioning of the female body. It promotes regular menstruation and normal conception. A certain category of women, tuned in to “harmony” at any cost, fanatically destroy any pitiful crumbs of fat, mercilessly ruining their femininity in every sense. The result of this attitude towards your body can be either anorexia or disorders in the genital area. Therefore, the main principle in the endeavors to create an ideal body is moderation and the absence of radical fanaticism.

General recommendations for lovely ladies who want to lose weight are:

1 Sports

. This is the healthiest and most enjoyable way to make your body strong, lean and fit. Extra pounds and hateful folds are the result of a sedentary lifestyle, when you eat tasty things rich in carbohydrates, and do not torture yourself with physical activity. The organism, obeying the primeval instinct of a primitive man, carefully saves all this reserve of unspent potential energy in the form of fat – for “hungry years”. He didn’t realize that you will not face hunger in the near future. Therefore, we have to imitate hunger times in order to lose the “most valuable” supply of fat, carefully prepared by instinct and nature.


In order not to harm the body, you should choose harmless sports. These include:

  • Running.
    Daily jogging will not only help tone your thighs and calves, but also strengthen your heart and nervous system. For jogging, you should choose places far from busy streets. Otherwise, instead of a charge of vigor and strength, you risk getting poisoned by exhaust gases. A park or forest belt is best suited. If you live very far from the nearest decent park, then a treadmill will do. It is important to use it in a well-ventilated or air-conditioned room.
  • Cycling.
    This type of physical activity can completely replace running, removing excess fat and making your butt, thighs and lower legs firm , athletic and fit.
  • Fitness.
    This sport will help you put your whole body in order. Fitness puts stress on various muscle groups, helping to burn fat in the most unexpected places. With just a few months of fitness, you’ll find muscles in places you never knew existed. In addition, you will feel a general improvement in well-being, your body will gain lightness and ease in movements.
  • Yoga.
    This type of gymnastics is not suitable for everyone. It requires complete dedication, hard and often painful training. At the same time, it helps you learn to control your breathing, find peace of mind and discover the unexplored possibilities of your body. Eliminating excess fat will be just the first step towards finding mental and physical harmony. Yoga is not just gymnastics, it is a whole life philosophy, by adopting which you can manage your life as you wish
  • Pilates.
    Swimming is extremely beneficial for our body. Exercising in water, helping to get rid of excess weight, minimally damages our joints and spine, strengthening the muscles of the back and abdomen.

A visit to a bath or sauna will be a good addition to sports loads. There the body is cleansed of toxins and accumulated fatigue.

If you do not strive for a fantastically ideal body, then with enough intense physical exertion, you can spoil yourself from time to time with your loved ones, but such “tasty treats” that are harmful to your figure.

2. Nutrition

Together with the way of life, our diet has the most direct fusion on the slimness of the figure. Of course, proper nutrition, coupled with exercise, has the greatest effect, but if you do not intend to strain your body with physical exercises, then the menu will certainly have to be adjusted.


To maintain the gracefulness of forms, you must:

  • Eat regularly
    – often, but little by little. So your body will receive exactly as much nutrients as it needs for the rhythm of activity in which you live.
  • Give up sweets and muffins.
    Eat as much freshly squeezed as possible. juice and water.
  • Give preference to easily digestible food.
    Eat plenty of seafood, fish, cheese, vegetables in the form of salads and stews. Avoid fried, smoked and fatty foods.
  • Eat more cereals.
    Porridge is especially useful in combination with fruits.
  • Do not abuse salt , sugar and other spices.
    They cause fluid retention in the body, creating swelling in the most unpleasant places.
  • Eat lean meat
    – veal, boiled and stewed chicken, rabbit meat.
  • Do not eat in the evenings.
    Limit yourself to kefir or a light salad of seafood or vegetables.

3. Daily routine

Try to go to bed and get up at the same time. This will relieve the body of stress, which we love to eat with goodies.

4. Get more rest

By rest, we mean not lying on the couch with a book, but active walks in the fresh air. Go hiking in summer, go skiing in winter. Sunbathe within reasonable limits.

5. Give up alcohol and tobacco.

Regular use of these products includes them in the metabolism, disrupting it, leading to obesity, shortness of breath, lethargy and apathy, and certainly does not contribute to the acquisition of your body of the desired slimness.

Стройная и красивая


Have you chosen how to become fragile and thin? Do not forget to fix the weight!

Just “I want” and “I can” is not enough so that after a week of losing weight again you will not become the same as before, or even harder.

Wanting to save harmony over the years, learn to follow some rules:

  1. Alternate strength training and anaerobic exercise;
  2. Change the diet, using in turn fractional meals 5 times a day and complex meals that involve three meals without snacks;
  3. Eliminate the likelihood of bulimia by partially abandoning favorite foods, and not completely boycotting them;
  4. It is very important not to return to the previous volumes of food consumed food, otherwise the pounds will not only return, but also begin to grow with frightening activity;
  5. Look for an alternative to junk or favorite food. It is very appropriate to replace cakes with honey and dark chocolate, and baked goods with biscuits or bran baked goods;
  6. Keep a diary of your successes and do not weigh yourself every day, suffering over every gram;
  7. Arm yourself with support like-minded people and find an incentive for yourself.

Important! Each organism puts forward its own personal requirements for the amount of calories consumed. Listen to it and do not cut your food to a minimum, bringing yourself to hungry faints. The same applies to physical activity.

Not everyone has the ability to torment the treadmill for an hour and a half. If this is too difficult for you, look for an alternative in the form of bicycle rides or rollers, for example.

Slim figure in a month

In order to tidy up your figure in a month (for example, before vacation), you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Sudden weight loss is a huge stress for the body. Heart, digestive organs suffer. The body must rebuild itself to the new diet gradually. Therefore, do not start to lose weight abruptly. Reduce your daily calorie intake from 1,500 to 900 – 200 per week. This will ensure the gradual and smooth transition of the body to the new regime. Another disadvantage of most “quick” weight loss recipes is the same quick weight return at the end of the diet. Only a comprehensive and thorough diet can give you a lasting result.
  2. The main foods that you should eat during the diet are fish, any vegetables and fruits (except bananas and grapes), bran, oatmeal, low cottage cheese fat content, egg white and chicken breast. We also recommend reading the article on which foods burn fat.
  3. Say goodbye to pasta, sweets and buns, corn and potatoes.
  4. Eat well and abundantly in the morning, at lunch we observe reasonable moderation, and at dinner we eat the minimum.
  5. Excruciating hunger is just as harmful as overeating profusely. If your stomach is cramping from unbearable hunger, eat some fruits or vegetables, drink low-fat kefir. Herbal tea with a spoonful of honey, as well as sauerkraut, will help well against hunger.
  6. Consumption of whole grain bread, cereal is optimal before lunch. In the afternoons, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, chicken and fish are good for you.
  7. Keep a weight loss journal where you keep track of your weight and how much you eat. This will help you avoid mistakes in the future.
  8. On the eve of the last week, arrange a weight loss blitz. For a week, eat buckwheat (250 grams), soaked overnight in hot water or kefir. This dish is eaten with an interval of two hours five times a day. During breaks, you can have a snack with apples and kefir.