Not squats alone – why doesn’t the butt grow and what to do about it?

May 25, 2021 by Adam Addison
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The owners of this problem most often know exactly or intuitively guess the reason – untrained muscles, genetic predisposition, or too thin a figure. But sometimes the cause is not in the gluteus maximus, but in the wrong mood or inadequate nutrition.

Reason 1. Low in calories

Food must be energetically valuable – otherwise the body has nowhere to take strength for muscle growth, including the buttocks. Not always girls who are on diets clearly understand that things are slowly and surely moving towards anorexia.

Also, many girls want to simultaneously lose weight and pump up the buttocks, which is impossible in principle – after all, you need a calorie deficit to lose weight, and a surplus for muscle growth. That is why you need to either burn fat first and then gain muscle mass, or, if you do not have problems with being overweight, correctly calculate the calorie intake for a successful set.

Calories come from food, and the body spends them not only on building tissue, but also on breathing, heartbeat, and digestion. Therefore, an adult needs at least 1500 kcal per day just to maintain the current weight. For muscle growth – even more. When this bar is lowered, the body will begin to digest muscles first, and then a little fat. Because of this, the butt can sag or even become flabby, because the muscles under it will lose volume, and the skin does not know how to tighten quickly.

Do not forget about drinking pure water – an adult needs about 33 ml per kg of body weight per day.

Exit: increase the daily intake of callas. It is important not only to increase the calorie intake, but also to maintain the correct ratio of BJU. Of course, it is better to contact a professional (nutritionist or personal trainer) for the correct composition of the diet.

Reason 2. Can’t feel the target muscle

To pump up the ass, you first need to feel the working muscle. If workouts are done mechanically or incorrectly, then instead of the desired place, there is a great risk of pumping up your legs or not adding in volume at all. Any exercise must be performed efficiently, pondering its meaning and the acting muscle groups. It is better to perform 2-3 exercises efficiently than to do everything quickly and somehow.

Exit: at the very beginning of training, you need to disconnect from extraneous thoughts and fully focus on the exercises, contracting or straining the muscle in time with the action. Do not under any circumstances talk to someone or get distracted while the approach is being executed.

Reason 3. There is no BZHU balance

BJU is proteins (material), fats (give a feeling of satiety, help vitamins to be absorbed, are needed for the synthesis of many hormones) and carbohydrates (builders). Lack of carbohydrates can cause muscle wasting, so don’t eat protein alone and forget about everything else. To calculate the required amount of substances, you need to consume daily for each kg of body:

  • 3-5 gr. carbohydrates (with a weight of 50 kg, it is necessary to consume at least 150 grams of complex carbohydrates per day);
  • 2 gr. protein (50 kg at least 100 grams per day);
  • 1-1.5 gr. fat (for 50 kg – at least 50 grams per day).

Logout: in order to build up the gluteal muscles, the above balance of BJU should be observed. Before training (1.5-2 hours), it is worth eating complex carbohydrates – buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, pasta, plus protein – chicken, meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs. It’s the same after training. And a couple more of these tricks a day. Fats include nuts, flaxseed oil or fish oil.

Продукты правильного питания

Reason 4. Not enough rest

The growth of any muscle, including the gluteal muscle, does not occur during training, but after it. If you constantly practice in the gym or do the exercises fanatically at home, the right muscle will not grow. It is imperative to give time to recover.

Exit: It is worth having a full and enjoyable rest between workouts. You don’t need to train more than 2-3 times a week. At the same time, it is worth monitoring your emotional state – with a positive mood and the absence of stress, depressive periods, the result will appear faster.

Reason 5. Bad sleep

The importance of sleep is often underestimated, but insomnia and other disorders worsen mood, reduce efficiency, and make the day joyless. I want to give up everything, hide in a dark corner and sleep. There is no strength and desire for training. Muscle recovery deteriorates, up to a complete lack of progress.

Exit: Sleep at least 8 hours. If you get up at six in the morning, then in the evening you need to go to bed at ten, no later. Sleeping before noon on a weekend does not mean quality rest, after which you can feel completely overwhelmed. It is advisable to adhere to the usual rise, shifting it on weekends by no more than 2 hours.

Reason 6. Genetic predisposition

Anything is inherited, including the shape of the buttocks or muscle growth in general. For one girl, with a minimum amount of invested effort, the butt becomes a source of pride, while the other will have to do more exercises with less result.

Exit: if there really is a genetic predisposition to a flat fifth point, you should say to yourself: “I can worsen my genetic data, but I can improve”. It is necessary to work towards improvement, even if this work will be slower and more difficult. Rejoice at any progress, even subtle ones. Reduce the amount of cardio workouts – they often cause slower muscle growth.

Reason 7. Constant monotonous training program

Often, after two or three months of training, you want to see the result, and its absence is alarming. There are many exercises for the gluteal muscles:

  1. Deep squats (below parallel, always with a straight back, conscious study of the gluteus muscles), including in Smith.

    Приседания со штангой на плечах

  2. Lunges with dumbbells or with a barbell on your shoulders, steps should be wide.



    Выпады со штангой на месте

  3. Glute swings (back and sideways) with and without block machines.

    Махи ногой с отягощением

  4. Romanian Dumbbell Deadlift and Barbell Bends.
    Махи ногой на скамье0
    Махи ногой на скамье1
  5. Barbell push with thighs (“gluteal bridge”).

Exit: The gluteus muscle is large, and it takes more time to pump it up, from six months or more, everything is individual. A variety of workouts will help bring the desired result closer. The point is not that it’s more fun (although this is also a plus), but in the body’s getting used to monotonous movements.

Reason 8. No progress in the weights or incorrect selection of exercises

The body gradually gets used to the load, and then muscle growth stops. You need to increase the weight used gradually, but steadily. Do not start with a big one right away, it is fraught with problems with the joints and lower back, especially if the exercises are performed incorrectly.

Another possible problem is over-infatuation with a variety of non-weighted leg swings, performed in a huge number of repetitions, or squats and other exercises with a barbell and dumbbells, but at the same time with very light weights.

The main stimulus for muscle growth is a significant load, you should not believe various programs like “how to pump up the buttocks in 4 weeks”, where only exercises are offered on the floor and without additional weight (or maximum with an elastic band). It’s just marketing, the result of such a program can only get a genetic one. Growth of the glutes requires hard work and constant progress in working weights. Naturally, you will not immediately squat with a 50 kg barbell, but you need to strive for this, and after 6-9 months this is a completely achievable result. The correct rep range for a set is 8-15.

Exit: gradually increase the load, while not breaking the exercise technique. Do not use machines or weightless work in place of heavy barbell or dumbbell exercises.


There are many reasons why the butt does not grow, but everything can be corrected or corrected. The most important thing is self-tuning. In the gym, you do not need to serve one or several exhausting hours, but to tune in to productive and positive work. Through sports, the body heals and the body takes on the desired shape. You are now creating yourself, and it is better to get inspiration to help. After that, it is worth eating with appetite – the body deserves a full intake of healthy food and needs it.

Выпады без веса